Attractive design and well thought out ergonomics

  • Attractive design and well-planned ergonomics

The RAINMASTER Eco rainwater unit is elegently presented. The intelligent selection of components leads to an extremely minimal space requirement.

The size of the system is no bigger than many continuous flow heaters and its attractive, subtle finish means it will suit many locations. Its operating status, such as automatic mode and mains water mode is clearly laid out and easily read. If necessary, the RAINMASTER Eco can be manually set on mains water (ie. for maintenance in the cistern). The fill level of the cistern can be easily seen with the optional RM Eco FS fill level indicator.

The possibility to save drinking water has enhanced strongly the last years.

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A rainwater filter cleaning itself by the principle of the hydraulic jump.

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The DRAINMAX tunnel infiltration system: The only plastic trench with flushable  ground.

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The optimized water pump station for rainwater and greywater utilization in every planned construction.

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