System installation

1. RM Favorit water supply unit 8. PURAIN rainwater filter
2. Mains water connection 9. RM Favorit-LP charging pump
3. Pressure line set with expansion vessel 10. PLURAFIT inlet calmer
4. Pressure line to fixtures 11. Protective conduit for suction line and sensor cable
5. Float switch 12. Rainwater inlet pipe
6. Suction line 13. MD100 wall bushing
7. Emergency overflow  

Suction pump curve RM Favorit with charging pump

Intake performance characteristics of the RM Favorit with and without RM Favorit-LP charging pump.

The determined value must be above the represented intake line (RM Favorit + RM Favorit-LP) in the diagram.



Installation and user manual RM Favorit charging pump

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