Easy to assemble, install and maintain
Cleaning with high pressure cleaner

Assembly, installation and maintenance-friendly

The PURAIN rainwater filters have standardized DN pipe collar or spigot connections for easy installation in the tank (note the height offset).

Due to the self-cleaning by means of hydraulic jump design as well as the sturdy construction of the wedge-shaped sieve, the filter requires extremely low maintenance compared all other self-cleaning rainwater filters.

Approximately twice a year, the wedge sieve should be checked for stuck blockages. Debris and leaves in the settling area do not need to be removed, as the next heavy rainfall will flush them in the sewer. If water is accumulating in the settling area, the sieve can be cleaned manually in a few seconds with a high pressure cleaner held above and swept back and forth. This safely cleans the debris accumulated between the trapezoidal bars at the same time. Alternatively, the sieve can also be removed.

The PURAIN PR100 with non-return valve and protection against small animals should be checked twice a year and if neccessary, remove debris and sediments from the non-return valve.

The PURAIN PR100 sieve can be removed from the top, ie. no high pressure cleaner is available.

Bei der Ausführung PURAIN PR100 mit Rückstauklappe und Kleintierschutz ist diese zweimal jährlich zu kontrollieren und falls vorhanden von Schmutz und Ablagerungen zu befreien.

Beim PURAIN PR-100 kann das das Filtersieb von oben entnommen werden, falls z.B. kein Hochdruckreiniger vorhanden ist.

For PURAIN-HD filters, the filter sieve can be removed from top with a linked handle, ie. no high pressure cleaner is available. The detailed installation and operation instructions for PURAIN-HD filters can be found in the download area.

Backflushing nozzle

Backflushing nozzle

We recommend the use of a PURAIN backflushing nozzle set for filters installed in hard to access tanks.

The backflushing nozzle is installed into the PURAIN rainwater filter behind the sieve and connected to a water pipe with a garden hose coupling. In this way, manual cleaning automated.

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Installation instructions

Tank Installation instructions
  • The filter must be installed with a slope of 2 – 5 %.
  • A calming length of at least 100 cm of pipe should be installed in front of the filter.
  • For proper skimming function with PURAIN PR100 and PR150, the filter must be installed without lateral tilt (filter sides must be level).
  • A separate tank overflow must not be installed.
  • Access to the filter is important for cleaning and maintenance of the sieve and the non-return valve.
  • An inlet calmer below the filter, prevents the sediment layer from being disturbed.
  • An air trap must be installed on the overflow side of the filter to prevent smell entering the tank from the sewer.


 Safety instructions

  • Never enter the tank without supervision or without safety measures.  Never lean into the tank from the top. Always leave the tank inspection cover closed. Keep children away from the top of the tank.

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