Plastic trench with loading capacity of a truck and DIBt® accreditation

The DRAINMAX trench tunnel was the first ever in Germany that obtained the technical approval of the German Institute for Building Technology DIBt®. The long-term load capacity for the DRAINMAX system was verified for a minimum service life of 50 years. Planners, developers, manufacturers and traders benefit from the approval in equal measure.

  • Plastic trench with with loading capacity of a truck, DIBT approval requested

The geometry of the tunnel has already being used historically in numerous buildings since ancient times. INTEWA also takes advantage of the tunnel geometry and its rigid construction in the design of the DRAINMAX tunnel made from recyclable HDPE plastic.

In order to achieve this, and in addition to numerous practical installation tests, complex quality and load testing is carried out by the German Association for Material Research and Testing Institute for Buildings. In these tests, material quality and the short-term and long-term strength of the components are analyzed and observed. The DIBt approval for the DRAINMAX Tunnel infiltration trench 60 offers maximum safety and quality certification for dealers, engineers, building companies and users.

The possibility to save drinking water has enhanced strongly the last years.

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A rainwater filter cleaning itself by the principle of the hydraulic jump.

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The DRAINMAX tunnel infiltration system: The only plastic trench with flushable  ground.

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The optimized water pump station for rainwater and greywater utilization in every planned construction.

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